Members Since: 2011 (formed SuperTeam in 2017)

League Championships: 1

Favorite Player Ever Had: Devonta Freeman was synonymous with the Squirrels for so long, so I think we gotta go with him. The Statement Keep of Kirk Cousins his first year here is a close second.

Biggest Bust Ever Drafted: David Johnson. I mean, we gotta agree here. Jonny even said, “Don’t pick this guy, he’s gonna be a bust. Again.” The Squirrels stayed blind though, and banked on Kyler Murray, Kingsbury and that Air Raid offense coming to Phoenix to turn that around. Ooops. Zeke was another semi-bust. We picked him right after Hoho picked Leveon in that holdout year, and that was the year Zeke only scored like 2 tudders and we gifted Favretto his 1 win in the 1-12 season. So that sucked.

Favorite YHWD League Memory: Creating the Super (Mediocre) Team.