Joey F has won the highly desired “Week 1 High Score” prize and as such will be rewarded with a whopping $25 come payout time at the end of the season. With winnings like that already in the bag it will be interesting to see if Joe even bothers playing the rest of the year. At the very least it certainly takes the pressure off of the “sundays are for kissin’ titties” squad to produce at a high level (which they never do) in the remaining games as any other accomplishment will undoubtedly pale in comparison to this.

You can’t help but feel happy for Champagne Favi — this will mark his single greatest achievement since the inception of the league in 2011. That sounds harsh, but just take a look at how our Silver Stag has performed over the years:

* Winning record but finished 10th
** The whole “Blind Squirrel” theory in effect here

To be fair, he did say that this year was the first time he ever left a draft feeling good about how it went. As they say — 9th times a charm!

Could this be the year he finally puts it all together and wins his first league championship? I doubt it. But nothing in 2020 has gone according to plan so it’s surely in play. Let’s just hope that if he wins he doesn’t smoke a cigar in celebration — I think the air in Seattle is toxic enough as is.